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At Bright Start You Get the Right Start

Bright Start provides professional parenting support, counselling, therapy, and educational workshops for all parents as well as expectant mums and dads, helping you to give your little ones the best and brightest start in life.

We provide a range of workshops and one-on-one consultations that cover every stage of your little one's development, from pre-birth up until 6 years. Pregnancy and parenting workshops can help to ensure that you are completely prepared for the arrival and growth of your new baby. Our individual assessment and support services can help you to identify any developmental and learning difficulties in your little one and get them on track for a wonderful future!

At Bright Start, our team of highly experienced psychologists and paediatric therapists also specialises in prematurity, providing professional early intervention services for parents of premature babies and high risk pregnancies. We are here to assist, guide and support you, whatever your needs as a parent.



  • Expectant mums and dads looking for advice and support during pregnancy
  • Group workshops for new and expectant parents
  • Parents of premature and low birthweight babies
  • Specialised workshops, therapy groups and individual therapy for parents and follow-up developmental assessments
  • Parents of babies who are experiencing problems with the first stages of eating and sleeping
  • Specialised clinic for babies who are difficult to feed, comfort or get to sleep
  • Babies who have experienced trauma during birth, or babies and toddlers diagnosed with a syndrome/congenital disorder
  • Assessments in a number of areas including prematurity, development and learning difficulties
  • Babies and toddlers experiencing delays in their physical, emotional or skills development
  • School-aged children experiencing learning difficulties
  • Mums and dads looking to stimulate and support their babies and toddlers during their early childhood development
  • Parent workshops
  • Post natal support
  • Mumsnet

If you are a mum or dad who wants to be ready to give their little one the best start in life, or you need expert advice and support from professionals, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you

Call: 011-447-2202

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Parenting Workshops

Our series of parent workshops offers expectant and new mums and dads support, information and expert guidance...


We can help new mums to understand the needs of a pre-term infant, allowing the best development for your preemie.